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Petrin Tower is celebrating an anniversary!

Prague Petrin Tower

The Eiffel Tower is probably one of the most copied monuments in the world. Even the city of Prague has its own ‘small version’. Construction of Petrin Tower began on 16th March 1891 and it was completed just four months after.

During the first week of its opening, around 6,000 people came to visit!

The Tower has been through difficult times, even threatened with demolition during the Nazi occupation. It was closed during the 80’s and reopened again in 1991. The tower measures only 63.5 meters high, but thanks to its altitude, the view from the top is far more impressive than its height would suggest. The original Eiffel Tower in Paris measured 312m until 1999, but after installing the antenna, the height increased to 324 m. The Czech version of the tower has an upper platform at a height of 55 meters, and due to its altitude on Petrin Hill, the height corresponds with the original Eiffel Tower in Paris.

On a clear day the view stretches beyond Prague and its outskirts. And even in bad weather, being up in the clouds is worth it! And for those who mind the 299 steps? Don’t worry, there is a historic elevator on the premises..

So if you are in Prague this weekend, take a ride on the historic funicular and enjoy one of the many hundreds of towers that can be found in Prague, this one, the most unique.

The celebration will begin on August 20th at 11.15am, by a guided walk up Petrin Hill. You'll also be able to get acquainted with the Czech Velocipede Club as well as get your picture taken with a ‘Head in the Hole’ that has a picture of a penny farthing and the tower.

The end of the celebration is scheduled for Sunday, so you have plenty of time to explore the sights.

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