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Dear fellows. Here I am. Having a great offer for those who are fans of the Czech Republic or simply for those who might be amazed by photography and by all what it takes.


Well, my offer is definitely for all who once lived in this region and now they found themselves a new home abroad. I would be honored to bring your old home nearer to your current family fireplace by taking a picture of all places that are still close to your heart. I can make your memories and imagines alive, once again.  Above all, I can even snap a pic of picturesque alleys, busy streets of the metropolis with its celebrations throughout the whole year or monuments that stand proudly on the horizon.


My offer also belongs to all travellers and tourists that once set their foot in the Czech Republic and my photos of touristic places or places far from the beaten track would make their day much happier. And if you are just planning to visit this destination let me know. I will turn your experience into an unforgettable memory.


I do also know what it is like to running out of your precious time while haven’t seen all the sites which were planned thoroughly. All of a sudden your scenario is falling apart and your vacation is far from being the greatest one.  Fortunately for you, I can easily fix that.


If you are interested just follow the instructions below:

  • Go to our gallery here 

  • Send us link of the photo you like

  • Use the form bellow

  • Tell us photo style you like (gloss, matt, black-and-white, color, custom)

  • Choose the dimensions you like

  • Add your e-mail address

  • And it is almost done


Price is based on requirements and my proposal will be calculated on your request. After final mutual price agreement the contract will be signed.


I am looking forward to your interest.

To view my gallery click on the link here.

Výborně! Zpráva byla přijata.

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