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Alfons Mucha, art deco and Prague

How many visitors come to Prague just to see the impressive work of Alphonse Mucha? lt probably does not count (the meaning is that it is not possible to count it), but it is certain that it is not a small number. If you still do not belong, I invite you to walk with a focus on secession and Alphonse Mucha, including guided tour in Prague MUCHA museum.

During our walk we will stay mainly in the city on the right bank of the Vltava River. We start on the border of Old and New Town, where is one of the landmarks of Prague Art Nouveau, Municipal house-once there was the seat of the royal court, and also it is the place where the beginning of the famous Royal Road started. Walking throught the streets of the Old and New Town, we come to the Museum of Alfons Mucha. We will see the interesting exhibition with examples of his works and you can use specialized shop, which belongs to the museum.

The tour includes guiding at the museum and outsider, admission to the museum is not included.

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