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If you want to discover more about Prague, let us show you.  Choose from these tours and excursions:



This  tour is for those who enjoy breathtaking views over one of Europe’s most beautiful old cities, but not for those afraid of heights! Prague is home to some 500 towers and we will go explore and climb  some of  the very best.

•Powder Tower
• Old Town Hall Tower
• Charles Bridge Tower
• Campanile of St. Nicholas
• Petrin Tower or Big South Tower of the Cathedral
Old Town, Lesser Quarter, Prague Castle
Duration: 2-4hrs


This tour is for those who are curious about the places associated with some of Prague’s famous visitors. Discover where Wolfgang A. Mozart conducted his masterpieces and the university where Albert Einstein lectured at.  Visit the place where ladies were charmed by Giacomo Casanova and the British Queen Elizabeth II attended an occasion.  Visit the location where R. Thakur spoke his wisdom and J. P. Sartre delivered his lecture on „The legendary magic of Prague“.  This tour will guide you in the steps of Prague’s most important and famous visitors.


•    Old Town
•    Jewish town
•    Charles Bridge
•     Kampa and Lesser Town
•     Hradcany

Duration: 3-4hrs


This tour is for those who prefer to look upon the world through the viewfinder of a camera.  Uncover the best locations to photograph this charming city and take truly unique pictures that would even impress many Prague locals. 
• Old Town + Lesser Quarter
• Lesser Town + Hradcany
Duration: 2-4h


This tour is for those who appreciate beauty and complexity and possess an eye for detail. Become familiar with Prague’s various architectual styles, or we can focus attention on your preferred style.
•    Old Town
•    New Town
Duration 3-4h

Royal & Medieval Prague

Want to know more about the places important to Prague’s medieval history? This tour follows the places along the royal coronation procession route.
During the right season, the tour includes a guided visit to the Royal Gardens.
•    Powder Tower
•     The Municipal House
•    Astronomical Clock
•    Charles Bridge
•     The Church of St. Nicholas
•    Prague Castle
Duration: 3.5 - 5 h (abbreviated - full version)


A tour for those who like legends and mystery.


Duration 2 – 3hrs.


This unique and specially designed tour will allow kids to have fun as they learn interesting facts about the Czech capital. At the end of the tour, small visitors will receive a gift that is sure to remind them of their time in Prague even into adulthood.
•    Old Town
•    Charles Bridge
•    Lesser Quarter

Duration: 1.5-2.5h


Shopping in Prague can be a really a great experience, but it's even better to have someone tell you when and where to go.  This tour will have a local guide show you how to get the very best experience shopping in the Czech capital.
• Souvenirs
• Fashion
• Toys
• Music
• Beer
• Jewelry
• Delicacies


Anything else it's up to you ...


Enjoy Prague by  taking a historical tram from the First Republic. This tour is not just limited by the main old city near Prague‘s Castle, but also the district arounf Charles University and the surrounds of the river Vltava. During this tour we will pass the places important to Prague’s history, whether it be  the time of 1968 or the velvet revolution!
On offer is also an unforgettable experience travelling by horse & carriage through Prague’s old town.
The historical car tour through Prague is a really awesome experience. Nothing is better than the wind swooshing past as you soak up the atmosphere and learn interesting facts about Czech’s glorious capital.



Prague by boat along "Vltava" is one beautiful experience on offer.  
Tourists may specify the time, duration and make any number of requests for music or food on the tour and flexibility is granted when we can return back to shore or embark again.
A ride on a ‚pedalo‘ on the Vltava river is a really beautiful and romantic experience: just select the time, duration of the tour and you can even select the times you return to shore. The advantage to travelling by pedalo is that you are able to get  on places where it is too hard to get to by foot, car, tram or larger boat.
A ride on the Vltava river is a really beautiful experience, especially if you take a boat or a luxury yacht. Simply select the time, duration of the voyage and clarify the requirements for music or food and full flexibility is given about when you would like to visit attractions on  shore.

Prohlídka Pražských věží
Prohlídka Praha město osobností
Prohlídka Praha architektonický skvost
Prohlídka Prahou jako králové
Prohlídka Vyšehrad
Prohlídka Praha pro děti
Praha fotogenická
Prague by vehicle
Prague by boat
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