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Tours outside of Prague

What can you see outside of Prague?

If you want to know the Czech Republic better, why not venture outside of Prague?
Choose from any of these trips and excursions to these exciting locations:



Mlada Boleslav, known as the town of the cars, lies about 60 km from Prague. The local automobile factory is one of the oldest in the world; its first car left the factory floor over a hundred years ago. Today the Škoda brand still exports its cars to the world from here and SKODA Mlada Boleslav is also the main organizer of the prestigious Škoda Service Challenge competition.

In Mlada Boleslav we will visit the factory and take a look at the production of new vehicles. Included is a trip to the museum where there are a large number of exhibits of both historical and contemporary cars as well as an interesting look at the history of the Mladá Boleslav factory. Seeing the manufacturing process is only possible during the working week and is not suitable for children younger than 6 years.
Duration 6 - 7 hrs.

KUTNA HORA& silver

Kutna Hora is a picturesque medieval town situated about 80 km from Prague. During the height of its silver mining production, Kutna Hora was richer than Prague. In the 13th century, one third of European silver was produced here and one mine, named the Osel (Donkey), was the deepest in the world. The local mint coined one of Europe‘s most stable currencies during this time named the Prague Groschen or the Prague Penny. The production allowed the city to build wealth and many great monuments, which has attributed to the city being placed on the  UNESCO World Heritage List.
The city is also home to a range of stylish pubs offering a variety of tasty cuisines, good beer and pleasant attmosphere. On this tour you will visit  the historic town center, St. Barbara Church and the former central mint. Due to the town‘s significant place in history, it had a royal residence, including an audience chamber and a royal chapel.
There will be a visit to the famous cemetary in Kutna Hora - Sedlec. It is situated on the grounds of the All Saints Church and there lie the remains of aproximately 40,000 people who lived here before us. Those who enjoy extraordinary experiences can join the expedition to places where miners worked centuries ago. The tour includes a walk into a former mining tunnel where guests will get the chance to wear a traditional mining outfit.

Duration: 6 - 8 hrs.


Jablonec nad Nisou is located close to Jizerské hory (Jizera mountains), approximately  100 km from Prague. 
The city attracts visitors who appreciate the fragile beauty of Czech glass including those used in Christmas decorations and the production of jewellery.  See the artisitc work of the city’s artisans who make beads, metal and other materials which are a phenomenon of Jablonec.
During this tour we will visit the glass factory in Kristiánov and see the art of glassmaking at the Museum of Glass and Jewellery.  There we will learn more about production and processing of glass and jewelery and look at the beautiful exhibits from many of the regional museums.
In addition, we will take away a really special souvenir - a jewel that you will craft yourself under the guidance of the experts who work there.

Duration 6 - 8 hrs.


Beer is one of Czech Republic’s  most successful industries and here beer is  produced by almost 50 major breweries and more than 200 smaller and micro-breweries.
Czech’s world-famous beer brand, Prazdroj is home in Pilsen - the regional town about 90km from Prague. The Pilsner Urquell brewery and Brewery Museum are the most popular tourist destinations in the the city but on offer are also a number of monuments, stunning botanical and zoological gardens and even the renowned West Bohemian Gallery. In 2015 the town was crowned the European Capital of Culture.  
During your time there, take a guided tour of Pilsner Urquell, which is one of the city’s most highly rated tourist attractions and learn interesting facts about beer brewing. Visit the brewhouse and bottling plant which produes 120,000 bottles of beer per hour!
We will also take a look at the Brewing Museum, which will show us not just the history of brewing but also the cellars  and malthouse as well as a collection of other curiosities related to brewing.  
Visititors to the town can combine a visit to the brewery with a spot of schooling in which they will have fun and learn how to properly tap beer. Successful graduates will receive a certificate of completion and can look forward to a practical pint.  A trip to Pilsen can be combined with a visit to the scientific center Techmania.

Duration: 6 - 8h


Velke Popovice is a relatively small village near Prague which is famous for its brewery whose mascot is a black goat. Next to the brewery is the  stylish restaurant known for great homemade Czech cuisine and a wide selection of draft beer.
We will visit the local brewery and see both the new and historic brewhouse. A tour of the cellars is combined with beer tasting, during which we will learn about the history of brewery up until today and to finish we will have a lively surprise!

Duration: 3 - 4 hrs.


The town of Nižbor is just 40km outside Prague and home to the famous glassworks owned by the Rückl family. The factory brings many visitors every year and the company exports its glass to many including the USA, Japan and Singapore.
An excursion to the Rückl Crystal glass factory will guide us through the various production facilities and stages of formation of crystal glass handheld technology.
The onsite store offers an opportunity to purchase these beautiful gifts or glass tableware at bargain prices.


Duration 3 - 4 hrs.


The south Bohemian town 170 km from Prague has a lot to offer. The castle complex is the second largest in the Czech Republic and consists of 40 buildings, five courtyards and several hectares of manicured gardens. The historic city center has approximately three hundred carefully preserved buildings in which today many restaurants with culinary specialties and souvenir shops reside.  It is a city which is difficult to describe in words - you must to see it! 

The tour will take us to the castle complex, whose stunning architecture and surrounds are among the most impressive in Central Europe. The tour will include a rest in the beautiful city gardens and then a descent into the historic city center. There we will stop for a bite in a local restaurant and then a drink at one of the local taverns. 

Duration: 10-11 h

Karlštejn castle

This medieval castle is one of Czech Republic‘s most special due to its former function. This castle lies aproximately 40 km from Prague and was founded in the 14th centry by the Holy Roman Emperor and Czech King Charles IV. The castle once had an important function: it was the home of the royal treasures, especially the imperial crown jewels. Other interesting places below the castle are the Wax Museum, the Museum of Nativity scenes and the House clock, ticking with the largest exhibition of new and old machines in the Czech Republic. 
The main purpose is a guided tour of the castle Karlštejn, but you can choose from several guided tours which offer pleasant experiences or you can just simply request a visit to a local restaurant offering some delicious local game dishes.

Duration 5 – 6 hrs

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